A beautiful woman, full of wrath, who wants to burn Sandpoint to the ground.


After being left on the steps of the Sandpoint Cathedral as a baby, Nualia was raised by Father Tobyn.

She grew up as a beautiful woman with silver hair that seemed to glow, and purple eyes. She drew looks where-ever she went, but seemed to otherworldly to approach.

She was thought to have died in the fire that burnt down the old cathedral, with Father Tobyn, but this seems to not have been the case.

Tsuto has identified her as being the driving force behind the recent attack on Sandpoint, and says that soon she will return to burn it too the ground.

After the first attack she performed a ritual with the bones of Father Tobyn, which has started a transformation to a demon. Her left arm has now transformed to a red and horrendous form.

She is currently believed to be at Thistletop, a goblin fortification.


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