Rise of the Jade Regent

The story so far.
A catch up adventure post.

The adventure so far.

As a catch up, here’s what happened so far.

Our party was thrown together under trying circumstances when the town of Sandpoint was attacked by goblins during The Annual Swallowtail Festival, part of which was to consecrate the new cathedral which had burnt down as part of something called “The Late Unpleasentness” several years ago.

Luckily our heroes survived, and managed to rescue the nobleAldern Foxglove, who was quite taken with the party. As was the rest of the town. Free lodging was provided by one of the local tavern owners,Ameiko Kaijitsu.

The next morning Aldern rewarded everyone, and offered to take everyone Boar Hunting that afternoon. The time between was not left unfilled, because the local sheriff, Hemlock, asked for assistance checking out a crypt that had been opened.

Inside, there were too many bones, in the form of 2 easily dispatched skeletons, and too few, as the bones of the previous head cleric of the town had been stolen. No one could come up with a good reason why, but it seemed that the goblin attack covered the theft.

That afternoon the Boar hunt was successful, and 2 of the beasts were killed. Aldern Foxglove generously supplied the party with horses, but it still cost the party, in the form of non-stop questions and conversations.

As the party dined on the well cooked boar that night at the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko’s father Longitsu came in and tries to bully his daughter in returning to Magnimar with him. Between Ameiko and our heroes, he was convinced to leave alone.

A small while later it became apparent Ameiko had gone missing, and her half-brother Tsuto seemed to be the likely culprit. A rescue mission was mounted and the Kajitsu Glassworks were investigated. A massacre was found, with none of the glassworks workers were found alive, and with Longitsu himself formed into a grotesque glass statue. Ameiko was saved and a hungover Tsuto was captured, although it seemed he would be happier dead than incarcerated.

After poring through Tsuto’s journal the existence of a threat from under Sandpoint itself became known. The stalwart band bravely explored the underground cathedral, and surrounding rooms encountering a strange new breed of creature called Sinspawn, that seem to be created by a deranged quasit and a roiling pool of water. The quasit was taken down, literally by the summoner’s eidolon, and by an ally called by the Druid.

Between interrogations of Tsuto and his journal the driving force of Sandpoint’s recent troubles seems to be an ex-local called Nualia, who, using the bones of the cleric has started a transformation into a demon. She hopes to get revenge on Sandpoint for crimes that are I’ll defined, but seem to include the removal of a baby. She is currently holed up at a goblin fortification known as Thistletop.

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